Infrastructure Industry in India have been experiencing a rapid growth in its different sectors with the development of urbanization and increasing involvement of foreign investments in this field. The Indian government has taken initiatives to develop the infrastructure sector, with major emphasis on construction, engineering, IT, entertainment, textiles, food, and utility to name some. According to various sources, the size of the Indian real estate market was estimated at approximately US$ 16 billion in 2006 and is estimated to reach US$ 180 billion by 2020 registering a CAGR of approximately 19%.
Talent Challenges
The sector is a very large employer. Although the construction industry employs 33 million people, second only to the agricultural sector, the incremental workforce requirement is around four million people per year over the next seven years to sustain the current growth rate. The construction industry is set to face a challenge in terms of sourcing manpower. Adding to this problem is the shortage of contractors.
GS's Perspective
We understand the sector thoroughly and are well acquainted with the issues associated with hiring the right talent. Having handled the sector for decades now, we have a competitive edge in terms of understanding the industry to the core, and having qualified team members with a solid background in the industry. Since most of our team members have been in the industry across one segment or the other, we understand the expectations of the candidates as well as the companies and act as consultants to both of them to help them take right decisions. Besides this, our strong network helps us map the right candidates for different profiles.
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